“It is sad to be alive and not be an audience to the beating of your own heart,”- I think I read that from Jacque Ndinda in one of her pieces from a while back.

“The feeling’s gone. There’s nothing left to lift me up, back into the world I know,”- Three Doors Down (Away from the sun).

This December, I’ve had the surprise pleasure of meeting a number of old friends. I mean really old friends from as far as twelve years back. Some of whom I had almost forgotten about. It was such a pleasure, just getting re-acquainted, trying to reconstruct those childhood memories, realizing we’ve all grown into such different people.

Which got me thinking. Time has flown so fast, goddamit. One minute you’re a 7-year-old playing street football with your buddies, the next minute 2014 is gone and you’re in third year in freaking campus. Just like that. Woah!

2014’s gone, guys. Time is flying. Life is happening all around us but we’re too caught up in ourselves to notice. We’re in such a hurry to get through life, we forget to actually live. We’re too busy struggling to finish our studies, struggling to start earning our own money, struggling to move out of our parents’ houses, struggling to do jobs we don’t like because “the bills won’t pay themselves.” In the middle of all this, we lose track. The things that ought to matter don’t. And then one morning we wake up and realize we’re miserable. We realize we have money but our families are crumbling. We realize we don’t have any real friends, since we were too busy trying to make real money.

In the words of George Carlin (God rest his soul), We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life.

I’m not a resolutions guy, but here’s a few tips we could all use for 2015: Don’t be that person. Don’t be too caught up in life that you forget to actually live. Dance to that kwaito song that keeps popping into your head. Say hello to a stranger. Smile for no reason. Laugh at the jokes you find funny, even if they’re only funny in your head. Embrace joy. Embrace pain, too. Because it is also a part of life. Cry when you need to. Scream a few times if you really have to, even if it’s just to yourself. Feel. Feel. People, feel! Do not suppress emotion. Do not fake it either. Be an open book. Stop building walls because you’re afraid of the hurt. Build bridges instead. If you get hurt in the process, well that’s life. It wasn’t meant to be all roses without a few thorns. If you feel, you live.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to pray. God is all-important. I can never overemphasize that.

It’s not the number of years we live that matters. Our lives just add up to a series of moments. Moments that define us. These moments, we never know when or where they’ll happen, but they stick with us, marking our souls forever.

I came across this piece by a friend of mine, Daisy, @simplymoraa about the obscurity of life. And I thought how true. Have a read:

there is no clear cut time frame;

to begin, to end

to be, to cease

none except birth and death.


moments tumble on each other,

crushing, receding like waves at sea


as a child, I thought to be an adult meant a full stop to everything;

an arriving at the state of being

and also a settling.


not so, not so.


there is desire, there is more void than fullness,

more questions than answers

more thoughts than lack thereof,

and all these with no end.


it is a continual journey,

a continual rushing of waters from the deep to the shores.

stretching out, stretching out for certainty.

for dry land.

for land to place your foot upon.


but this, all this, all this rushing and waiting and rushing,

through life,

never ends

and dry land is always a wave away


You can read more of Daisy’s stuff here

And there’s my parting shot for 2014. Loads of blessings for 2015, people.

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